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8/09/2010: I'v had some Charging issues lately, the battery is not being charged by the alternator. I bought a new Alt off Ebay for 15 bucks. It's supposed to be good w/ an internal regulator, so hopefully it'll work and get my battery levels back up again. Other than that the Jeep has been working fine. I need to hit the trails more.

12/08/09: Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I've been busy with life and other projects. primarilly home renovation projects. I've left the Jeep connected to a Solar Battery charger for a few months since the battery was getting low. I haven't drivin it for almost a year since some of my friends stopped 4x4'ing.

12/18/07: Well I'm embarking on a new Project- Project: Slip Yoke Eliminator. I shopped around, an found a smokin' Deal on an Advanced Adapters SYE kit on Ebay.

8/27/07: Jeep is running well again. Turned out it was an easy fix this time, read more in Troubleshooting.

8/16/07: Added "Harmonic Balancer" to the projects page. Also noted a new Project, Troubleshooting, as my jeep quit on the way home yesterday. Ran rough, then died and now won't start.

5/21/07: ProjectJeep 4x4 Forums are again working, though with a new database. Sadly the old one was unsalvageable.

8/23/06: EFI conversion is complete,The Jeep starts much better now, I guess there was old gas gumming up the injectors. My Fuel pump may be weak. Basically we've been swapping the Manifold, computer and harness from a 94' 4.0EFI Jeep engine onto my 4.2L engine.

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