Our Jeep2




We were out in the snow on the Annual Christmas tree run. Once the 4x4 was working it wasn't too hard, though the dirt roads were bumpy because I was still riding on the bump stops. I made it home driving all the while in 4x4. The heater in the Jeep at least worked well even if the hard top seals were a little drafty. I've done a lot to the Jeep since then and plan to do a lot more. As most Jeep'ers know you can easilly spend a LOT of money on just little things. Some of what I've bought that isn't a full on project are: Canyon 8" rims, 33" tires. CB radio. Half doors and one day I'll put a decent stereo in.

large product photo Christmas Tree Run 02'



Some of the Projects I'll cover on Projectjeep are. Rough Country 3.5" Lift. Rebuilding the Carburator, Fixing the problematic front axle actuator,OBA (On Board Air) Building the Rear bumper/tire carrier . and Installing an EFI system. I've been on a lot of run since then and So far things have worked out well. I found a set of Bronco Axles I'm going to put in the jeep after I get all the Air lockers put in with lower gears.    

Climbing Snoopy Rock