So you want to buy a New Axles huh?

Well there's a lot to consider when buying a axles.. But mostly What do you want to use them for, Will it be a daily driver, or a weekend toy? Do you do a lot of rough romping about or just Drive about on dirt roads and the occasional puddle?

Whatever your decision, a few things you should take into consideration, One, Make sure you know what you've got to start with. For most people you won't have to upgrade anything on that axles, cept for gears. an Easy painful rule is, that it's fine til it breaks, then it's an "upgrade opportunity". Gears are probably your best investment, but keep in mind that Gears are suited to whatever axles you're putting them into. So if you know later on you're going to get a lot bigger and a lot more extreme, you might be better saving up and buying bigger axles along with your new gears. Most Jeeps come with the Dana 30 in front and the Dana 35 in rear, though earlier jeeps used the AMC axles, and a lot of the newer ones have Dana 44's in them. All are good, but not super strong when you get into the 33"+ Tire sizes.


Keep in mind that your jeep will change as you add to it. but it's good to have a sturdy base to build on. so when you look for a vehicle, make sure the frame is straight, that the body is in decent shape with out much rust or dents, and that the engine/transmission/xfercase all run well. It's also good to know which kind of axles the jeep has under it.



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