So you want to buy a Jeep huh?

Well there's a lot to consider when buying a Jeep. But mostly What do you want to use it for, Will it be a daily driver, or a weekend toy? Do you just want to have fun, or are you thinking Show Vehicle (read: trailer queen).

Whatever your decision, a few things you should take into consideration, One, Make sure you're comfortable in the Vehicle. Physical size, height weight all that, you should be comfortable getting in and out of the Jeep, and while you're sitting in it. When you're out on a trail, you could be sitting for hours and bouncing about over rough terrain. so comfort is a big deal, trust me. Second, getting in and out. Make sure you choose one that you're able to climb in and out of easilly, because if you "lift" your jeep it gets a lot harder to get in and out of. what you may be able to just step up into initially may become a crane situation if your jeep grows enough.

Keep in mind that your jeep will change as you add to it. but it's good to have a sturdy base to build on. so when you look for a vehicle, make sure the frame is straight, that the body is in decent shape with out much rust or dents, and that the engine/transmission/xfercase all run well. It's also good to know what kind of axles the jeep has under it. Most come with the Dana30 in front and the Dana 35 in rear, though earlier jeeps used the AMC axles, and a lot of the newer ones have Dana 44's in them. a lot more infor on axles is on my axles swap page here.

After 97 Jeep moved to coil suspension from leaf springs. In my opinion, it's a good change because it allows for a lot more "flex" in the suspension allowing the wheels to stay connected to the ground over more difficult terrain. not to mention ease of suspension changes are better. though my jeep is a leaf sprung jeep that does fine. After 98, EFI became standard on all the wranglers.

Of course it good to buy the most you can for your money, but just because a jeep has a lot of accessories doesn't mean it's a good deal. I'd recommend staying away from any 4 cylindar jeeps, they just don't have the power, though the fuel injection on most of them is nice. but any Jeep can be converted to Fuel injection with a little work.

So let me kind of run down what I'd look for in a jeep were I to go looking today. I'd likely want a 6cyl, 98+ jeep w/ At least a Dana 44 Axle in the rear. Nice seats, a CB and a soft top, I think would round it out nicely. it would have a good frame and body, and hopefully a lot of accessories for the same $...

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