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Plug removed, and Sealed

sealed plug

Welded closed EGR Vent

Closed EGR pipe

EGR pipe hammered closed

sealed EGR

EGR Pipe also welded

Well this is an ambitious project. It involves ripping out all the hoses from the engine, and the Intake manifold, the Carb, and much of the wiring. I started by reading about everything I could find online about Engine Swaps and EFI conversions. I'll try to give credit to the sites as best I can, but I read so many, they'll have to forgive me if I miss some. I'll put links in at the links page.

You'll be best off getting a hold of a EFI Service manual to help you understand Fuel injection in Jeeps. But I'll try to explain it-EFI systems are pretty simple, Modular even. Sure there's a lot of sensors, but really there's 5 main components to any system. 1. Computer, this is a generic black box factory turned to whatever engine type, and manual or auto tranny 2. MAF (Throttle) Mass air flow meter. This is a throttle like in a carb, but it measures air flow into the engine while the throttle cable opens a butterfly valve just like a carb. 3. Timing components, usually this is a tooth on a flywheel or harmonic balancer that passes by a sensor to let the computer know where TDC, cyl 1 is. often there's a second sensor in the distributor so the computer can adjust ignition timing. 4. MAP sensor, MAP is Manifold Air Pressure, it reads the air pressure inside the manifold, allowing the computer to determine what the fuel mixture should be, (this is based on a spreadsheet like table in the computer memory) "Tuners" change this table to change performance 5. lastly, Oxygen Sensors in the tailpipe, older cars had one, newer have two, one before and after the cat. these read oxygen content of the exhaust. and allow the computer to tweak the mixture. at temp, 0 oxygen would mean perfectly mixed/burned fuel. It won't be 100% but certainly it'll be better than Carburated was. Basically that's it for EFI. it's the same for almost any car, sure there's some with more sensors, but if you have those 5 things, your car should run. Most of the other sensors are usually a lot of emissions control.

How I'm doing it? Well, basically I've spent a lot of time looking for deals on Ebay for the various parts. I read a lot, and there's still some that I'm uncertain about. But being that my Jeep isn't running (especially now that I've taken it apart) I needed to get started.

I first took off the Air cleaner, and started yanking hoses attached to the Carburetor and intake manifold. I am saving everything, just in case I end up needing something later, but I'm pretty certain I'll be in good shape. When I took off the manifold bolts, I had to use a universal joint adapter for my ratchet, it really made getting the lower ones easier. I've just tied the old wiring harness up out of the way for now.

After Removing the Intake, I noted the old O2 sensor on the cast exhaust pipe. I'm going to take it out and compare it to a 92'-94 O2 sensor and see if it'll fit. - I found the 94' Sensor fit just fine part # 15704. Later be sure to route the wires well away from the exhaust.

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Old intake

Old Intake and Carb

Old O2 Sensor

Old Oxygen Sensor

O2 Sensonew r

New O2 Sensor

O2 Sensor

New O2 Sensor installed