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Power Steering bracket

sealed plug

Removing the Radiator


Remove Fan Before Radiator/shroud

sealed EGR

Set Fan aside, careful not to bend blades

There are two otther pipes on the Exhaust that had to be removed, one was the EGR, and one led back into the old Intake. the Intake was held on by a 1" fitting, which I took off, then welded shut.. the lower EGR pipe, I hammered shut then welded to make sure it was sealed. Welding is not required for this swap, I just didn't want to go buy a plug to screw in there.

Next I had to remove the Radiator and fan, then loosen the Power Steering Pump mounts to remove the belts from the Harmonic Balancer.

The Hamonic Balancer Is a heavy Disc at the front of the engine that helps dampen vibration from the crankshaft.IMPORTANT: Use a 3/4" socket to turn the Harmonic balancer to TDC, on the Compression stroke. Remove the Cap from the Distributor to verify the Rotor is pointing at the Plug for CylinderOne.

I used an Impact wrench to get the bolt off the Harmonic balancer, You can do it manually, but it's a pain, especially since you'll need to reset the Balancer to TDC once it's off.

Use a Standard harmonic balancer pully puller to get the balancer off (DO NOT PRY the Balancer, you could Damage the rubber, your seals, or the crankshaft. ) a Pully Puller is like 10 bucks at Harbor freight or other cheap tool outlet. Took me maybe 5 min to get the dampener off.

The Idea with the Dampener will be to Modify it Similar to the Hesco CPS Relocation Kit, but not have to pay the Massive $ they are charging if I can avoid it. I've done Some reseach into it, and posted here is some of what i've found.

This Is a rough plan for what the Dampener should look like and be cut as. The cuts should be as uniform as possible to preserve balance in the dampener. The start of the cuts should be 20 degrees off from the start of the next . The first cut should be about 4 degrees off from TDC.

As luck would have it I found a New Mopar Performance Balancer on Ebay for $40 bucks, so though I cut up my old balancer, it will be nice to have a real one. Though I wonder how close mine would have been. I'll put up picts of the Balancer so you can compare. I know I would have liked to have had something to compare mine to before I was making cuts.

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Old intake

Use Puller to remove Hamonic Balancer

O2 Sensor

Insure Balancer is at TDC Before removal


Harmonic Balancer Plan Balancer

Markup Harmonic Balancer