Mopar overlay

Overlaid Drawing on Mopar Balancer

Pulling Balancer

Old balancer w/ TDC timing mark

Marked harmonic balancer

Marked up Harmonic Balancer

Double Clap Fuel lines

Example of how someone else did their mount and cuts. 9/16" dips.

I was recently asked for more information about the Harmonic Balancer flywheel I'd used in my EFI conversion

I used a Mopar Performance Balancer flywheel (Summit Racing Part No. DCC-5249687 ) in my conversion, but originally I was just going to cut my stock balancer.

I removed the old balancer Here using a standard Puller. availiable at most Auto parts stores, Harbor Freight, Discount tool outlets. Once I got it out, I cleaned it up a bit and marked the Zero degree TDC timing mark.

Before I'd bought the Mopar Performance Balancer I had tried to find out as much as I could about how the timing actually worked. I found this PDF which described the Timing and Timing signals

From the PDF, I was able to estimate where all the marks should be, though with the PDF, it looked like each cut or dip on the Flywheel should be 2 degrees wide. With that in mind from the Diagram I made this PDF.

Now that I've seen the Mopar Balancer, I noted that I was pretty close on my drawing, but the cuts needed to be about 4degrees wide on the balancer (this is approximately what the difference is on having the marks on the Engine flywheel, as compared to the much smaller Harmonic balancer. Here I've overlaid the PDF, over a photo of the Mopar Balancer You can see I had to rotate it to match the marks on the Balancer, but the spacing is approximately correct. I have to note though, that the Trailing and Leading edges of each set of marks are correct, but the two center marks are the center of the cuts, thus each set of cuts needs to be evenly spaced within the 60 degrees making up a "set" of marks.

You may note that my marks in the diagram don't quite line up with TDC. Well that's not really a big deal, because the marks are relative to where the CPS is mounted. The CPS doesn't know if it's on the 1st set, 2nd set or 3rd set of marks. The CPS just has to be is installed four degrees before a set of marks.

In my research I looked at a few pictures on the net od different peoples DIY harmonis balancers, some are here, here , here and here.

If you have more questions, please write me here

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Front Fuel line

CPS timing diagram for balancer

Drilling The Slots

Drilling the slots

CPS mounting

Notated CPS