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Jeep Mileage

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The best way to do this is to buy a strobe that's made for checking spark. but I don't have one. I cranked the engine, and... nothing, no spark. So I'm figuring it's a bad Coil. I put the spark plug back in, and went for a look in the garage.

Luckily, I had another coil sitting around in my box of junk "Spare" jeep parts. I plugged in it and just set it on top of the engine with all the leads hooked up, and went to turn the ignition key, Eureka! it works! Purrs right along.

I shut it all off, and remounted the new Coil on the side of the engine block where the old coil was. I'm thinking it might be the heat from the block that could have caused the failure. so I'll have to build a bracket to move and protect the coil a little better from the heat of the engine.

The Commercial EFI conversion Kits have you mount the coil on a cover bracket where the mechanical fuel pump used to be toward the front of the engine. I had mine mounted where the Stock YJ canister coil was mounted. Perhaps this is a difference worth noting?. Who knows? I'm just going to move it to the firewall or fender well just in case.

I'm glad the problem was the Spark and hot something with the air, because if it was I'd have to try different sensors TPS, MAP, to see if they were causing the trouble. Of course those are less likely since alone they wouldn't prevent the jeep from starting.

Once everything was reinstalled and double checked, I went for a drive, it all seemed okay, so I took it for the Emissions Check, and Yay! it passed no problem.

One note here: Regarding Autozone, At the beginning of my issue, you might recall I bought a CPS, to see if that was the trouble, warranty and all from Autozone. Well when I went to return the part as that wasn't the trouble, they gave me a TON of trouble trying to return it. They said it was used and abused, when I'd had it for 2 days, it had no oil no markings and had been out of the box for all of 5 minutes. Never mind their unconditional warranty, they were not going to let me get my $70+ bucks back for it. While I'm all for having spare parts around, I am not super rich. It wasn't until I got a regional manager on the phone that they finally took the part back. So what's the lesson here? Make sure you know and ASK about Electronic Auto parts and their return policy. I used to recommend Autozone a lot, but I will certainly think twice before recommending them again, or even shopping there again. If I have to pay 10 bucks more for my Optima batteries at Sears or Napa, then fine, at least I know they have good service. But that's another project.

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New Jeep Intake

New Jeep Intake

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Remounted Fuel Sender

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